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i’m a receptionist. here are some books.

So…I bagged a new temp job. I am now a … (drumroll please) … RECEPTIONIST! I’ve gotta say, I’m really loving this lifestyle – catering waiter one week, receptionist the next week, unemployed the week after… I feel crazy agile like … Continue reading

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I think it behooves every person to question themselves a few times. College is a warm, fuzzy, and misleading time. Once you leave the womb-like system, you’ll find that there are many things you haven’t learned, and it’s your job … Continue reading

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Happy Powder, Anyone?

I am taking on a new challenge – clean eating.  In honor of the challenge, I present a few exemplary food moments from my past… 1985: My carnivorous instincts at their finest – my mother races to my side when she … Continue reading

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The Best Costume I Ever Wore.

Every actor has that one costume that really made a defining impression on them… made them feel legitimate… nudged them into character… My defining moment was in 2006. Beauty And the Beast. I played two ensemble characters: first, a villager in … Continue reading

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Dr. Seuss Slapped Me In The Face Today.

“One of the hardest things to teach a child is that the truth is more important than the consequences.” -Dr. Seuss Those last 7 words hit me between the eyes this morning, and I hope they hit you between yours.

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The Haircut Walk of Shame.

I’m getting my hair cut soon, but I’ve been putting it off, since I am a bit gun-shy about haircuts right now. It’s a bit hard for me to talk about, so give me a moment and let me calm … Continue reading

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Taking The Scenic Route

This morning, I went out of my way to walk through Madison Square Garden… It’s unbelievably beautiful right now – honestly – a camera couldn’t capture the expanse of it. My eye yearned to see a small wedding in the lawn area. It’s the perfect day … Continue reading

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