Taking The Scenic Route

This morning, I went out of my way to walk through Madison Square Garden… It’s unbelievably beautiful right now – honestly – a camera couldn’t capture the expanse of it. My eye yearned to see a small wedding in the lawn area. It’s the perfect day for it.

It helped me pinpoint what I have most enjoyed about being an adult, and that is the ability to discover new places on your own.

I don’t know why, but seeing a new place by myself makes a greater, more meaningful impact on me when than when I’m with another person. Without a doubt, I have made some great discoveries with friends and family, but I automatically focus more on the person I’m with than on the experience at hand.

After college, I moved to the Crystal City area of Washington DC during cherry blossom season for two months by myself. It was my first time away from Texas, and I will never forget how proud I was of myself – navigating the Metro and bus system, seeing the National Mall for the first time, popping into a Smithsonian museum after work, walking through magical Alexandria…I learned a lot about myself in those two months.

In Crystal City, I lived in an apartment with a couple of coworkers – two ‘good ol’ boy’ types. They hit up the same sports bar every single night to play darts and to play girls. I went along with them a few times, and aside from the fact that I had to apologize for their childish behavior repeatedly, I ached for new experiences in this foreign city. It made me sad for them that they were in such an ideal location with access to the whole city, and they were at the pub every day by eight o’clock.

My wish for anyone in a new place would be to skip the hotel bar and the familiar sights – and to go get lost in the labyrinth of NEW.

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