Here We Go!

Bridge to Shore Road

It’s now been a week since I decided to embark on this year-long journey. My feelings over the past few days have been the same as every reaction I’ve had after coming up with a decent idea – I think about the realm of possibilities for approximately 3 nanoseconds, and then the doubts and risks start to arise. I can always find a way to make a harmless interest into an evil, smelly, bully monster that takes my motivation instead of my lunch money. I end up feeling silly and talentless. This time, with the aid of my so-called ‘New York cojones’, I blocked out that smelly scene-stealing bully, buckled down, and decided I’m in it to win it. (Insert high five and/or chest bump here.)

So I began planning in mid-April, and used the rest of the month to form my year.  I plan to start with the little things, build small habits, and add more when I am ready.

I recently read ‘The Happiness Project’ and was inspired by Ms. Rubin’s monthly resolutions. And although her project is very different from my own, I thought I’d also begin my journey with fitness and overall health – since I feel outstanding, and can think clearly when I am active and healthy.  Additionally, the art of auditioning requires one to possess a healthy amount of physical stamina that I lack at the moment.

So, starting today, on May 3rd, I am making a promise to myself to run every day. At least one mile, if not two. Running is my form of meditation, as I have to keep moving at all times, and it’s hard to sit in one place for long. Also, I LOVE watching the world around me go by.

So, with that said, let me clear my throat… ahem – One Year to Curtain starts today, on Tuesday, May 3rd!! 

(I celebrated with a diet coke earlier, so that means it’s for real.)

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