So many doors opening and closing - it's like a tornado some days. Almost as if the universe is clapping. - ArtBot34

I think it behooves every person to question themselves a few times. College is a warm, fuzzy, and misleading time. Once you leave the womb-like system, you’ll find that there are many things you haven’t learned, and it’s your job to fill the gaps.

What always helped me were the invaluable words from people who had walked the path before me – those who remained undeterred on the way to their destination, and also those who gracefully deviated.

Have my interests evolved into something new? Or does this world still holds the same raw inspiration that drove this hungry college student all the way to New York in the first place. Believe me, I’m still hungry, but I’ve feasted on so many other parts of life, that I’ve forgotten the taste of the world I left behind.

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